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Chassidic Discourse on Repentance - Lesson 6

Derech Mitzvosecha – Mitzvas Viduy u’Teshuvah

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Chassidic Discourse on Repentance - Lesson 6: Derech Mitzvosecha – Mitzvas Viduy u’Teshuvah

Derech Mitzvosecha 6  
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Maamar, Teshuvah

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Kayo Tokyo, Japan March 22, 2011

the desire of the Perfect? Very beautiful. However I have a question. If G-d desired to create worlds to dwell in the lowest world, then that means He was missing the state of "dwelling in the lowest world" before Creation. But G-d is Perfect. Nothing is missing, supposedly, No? Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan March 22, 2011

Yaphy Thank you for teaching truth - the Beauty of G-d. You have changed my perception of G-d and the relationship with Him. Reply

WB Palo Alto, CA March 21, 2011

Lesson 5 I have listern to all your classes up to lesson 5,
I understand the teshuvah bring down the energy of light into the mitzvah or our sins, and how much G-d wants a relationship with us, and wants his divine light brought down in the lower worlds my question Rabbi is if you have been working on understanding and do teshuvah but still have a thought problem which is part of your childhood problems is my teshuvah then incomplete and my sins not fully forgiven? Reply

Anonymous March 17, 2011

Chassidic Discourse on Repentance - Lesson 6 Being created in the world we live in right now has given me purpose. If i can learn anything, this means I can learn to start something and I can learn to stop something. I might not know why G-d does what He does but i should learn (how to) connect with Him. WHY? Because I want to connect to G-d and knowing the wrong ways and the right ways could help me be apart of the bigger family portrait. Reply

Mr. Omer O´kando Y.DaCostaGomes March 17, 2011

Dear Rab I like your classes so much. However I have a question... I have downloaded the classes number 1,2,3,4 in mp3 system so that I am able to hear them as I am driving; jogging or doing some other things at home. However Lessons 5 and 6 are not recorded in MP3 pattern. Are you going to place them in mp3 system in the near future at the Chabad Lubavitch web page? Reply

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