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Plays Well With Others

Return: Five Paths for Getting Closer to G-d - Lesson 4

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Plays Well With Others: Return: Five Paths for Getting Closer to G-d - Lesson 4

Why being on good terms with other people is a prerequisite to being on good terms with G-d.
Plays Well With Others  
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Shalom Bayit (Marital Harmony), Ahavat Yisrael, Compromise, Teshuvah

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Rabbi Shais Taub via mychabad.org September 20, 2012

To Rivka, NYC I am so sorry for your pain.
The answer to your question is yes.

That doesn't mean you still can't pray for someone to find their way. It doesn't mean that you don't cry for this person either.

Remember, G-d has no grandchildren. Reply

Rivka NYC, NY September 20, 2012

A Question to RAbbi Shais Taub Dear Rabbi Taub,
Am I to love and accept and welcome in my life, as if nothing changed, someone who has knowingly has abandoned Torah Life for a life of sin and exesses and indulgence? Casting away what I considered my most precious gift to them, a Torah Jewish upbringing?
Is that the deep meaning of your words as well? Reply

Anonymous Los Angeles, CA May 4, 2012

doesn't play well with others.. One of the reasons I followed the link is because I've never been seen as a very social person. I don't like spending too much time around other people, specially now that I've been accused of bad behavior because of my appearance. (I'm Latino)

My family is in my homeland and I'm living in LA close to my aunt. She knows I've been a little lonely recently and she sometimes asks me if I ate already. I usually say that I have, because is the truth but I think what she really wants is for me to go to her place and talk (something that I'm not eager to do). But thanks to his teaching, I know that's exactly the kind of thing I should do more often.

And now I understand better this proverb:

"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD." Proverbs 18:22 Reply

melly January 5, 2012

I have learned so much from you. What you speak of here makes so much sense. I was raised by a narcissistic mother-extremely NPD. Unless we opted for punishment or the silent treatment there was inherently no choice about who we put ourselves aside for. My father is completely the opposite of her, to the point of completly compromising his "self". Neither one had boundaries in as far as their individual natures took them. As adults we lean to my fathers way but with a balance. I have geat difficulty putting my needs aside with my mom though to this day. She robbed me of me and I struggle with ur msg when it comes to her. Anyway, u are so genuine so real i love hearing u.
melly Reply

john smith fort lauderdale, fl August 26, 2010

how do i overcome on one hand after listening to this i know i have a problem with letting some people in. But if i look at it from Israel's existence it doesn't quite fit. there are many people who take advantage form people like myself who are quiet and keep to themselves. some push you to inexistence or at least try to because of their own ego. if you open up like you say sometimes there literally is no more you. so this theory is misproven due to Israel's existence in itself. stand up for what you believe is sometimes all that is left. there is a line drawn but is not talked about in this segment. who draws the line? according to this a line should not be drawn at all. if we are speaking of one's wife maybe, if we are talking with G-d absolutely but with general people whom you meet on the street, i beg to differ. you can open up but not till no end. reservations need apply in order to protect one's inner self. this is why children are so open with sharing when they are young. but thank you for sharing Reply