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Chassidic Discourse on Repentance - Lesson 14

Derech Mitzvosecha – Mitzvas Viduy u’Teshuvah


Chassidic Discourse on Repentance - Lesson 14: Derech Mitzvosecha – Mitzvas Viduy u’Teshuvah

Derech Mitzvosecha 14
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Maamar, Teshuvah

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Rabbi Shais Taub via mychabad.org May 31, 2011

the rest of the book We are finishing the discourse on Repentance next week. There are many, many more discourses in the book. Maybe we will do another one of them if people are interested. Reply

Ronen Lod, Israel May 31, 2011

Thank you Rabbi Taub for this series. Are you planning to go through the entire discourse of Derech Mitzvotecha?

Because it seems you're still in the first few pages from the size of the book :) Reply

Rabbi Shais Taub via mychabad.org May 27, 2011

Answers 1. Yes, absolutely correct.

2. How to discern between pain that is a test and pain that is cleansing? I'm not sure. But what would be the practical difference? I mean, let's say that you knew that a certain source of pain in your life was a test as opposed to being a form of cleansing... would the appropriate reaction be any different? Reply

Kayo Kaneko Tokyo, Japan May 27, 2011

Question - attitude 1. Is it the right attitude to think that I am fortunate whenever I encounter a discomforting situation in this world?

2. I learned that we receive tests from G-d to actualize our potential. Is there any way to discern between these tests and the discomfort (that you talked about in the class) that will cleanse suffering in The World to Come? Reply

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