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Reb Zusha's Acronym

Return: Five Paths for Getting Closer to G-d - Lesson 1

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Reb Zusha's Acronym: Return: Five Paths for Getting Closer to G-d - Lesson 1

How one student interpreted the master's teaching and made it accessible for others.
Reb Zusha's Acronym  
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R. DovBer, the Maggid of Mezeritch, Teshuvah, Hayom Yom, R. Zusha of Anipoli

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Tammy H February 12, 2021

Very helpful and interesting lecture. The PDF is the same as lesson 2. Not sure if that is intentional. Thanks, T. Reply

Ms. melly January 17, 2012

acronym teshuvah Rabbi Taub,
You talk in such a way that makes it easy to understand these concepts that are so important and not always easy to understand. There is such breadth and depth to what you discussed with us and the process of Teshuvah now makes so much beautiful sense. I have never understood these things nor had the ability to do the processes or grasp the concepts till you explain them to me. I can heal, recover, return now I understand what it is about and its all encompassing purpose.
I love when u say "in other words" then i really get the lesson.
thank u so much. Never leave this site. Reply

Anonymous Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA August 26, 2011

teshuvah means returning to g-d, we are like a car traveling in a freeway to get off the nearest exit to return to g-d Reply

Michelle June 8, 2011

thankyou to each and every one who brought these most powerful and most exciting and most fruitful lessons home to us

G-d bless each of you in His service

with love, yours Reply

Shais Taub Pittsburgh, PA March 3, 2011

To Karen I hold classes right here on Jewish.TV!
Thanks for the praise and let's keep studying together. Reply

Anonymous Caldwell, NJ March 2, 2011

Study I was wondering if you hold classes somewhere and if I might be able to enroll as a student. As I find your ability to convey your knowledge refreshing and stimulating.

Respectfully, Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan August 24, 2010

R. Zusha's story is recorded in "On the study of Chasidus" by Rabbi Yosef Yitzach Schneershn of saintly memory. He writes Rabbi Shmuel (4th Rebbe) told his son Rashab "my father (3rd Rebbe) repeated for me what the Alter Rebbe had told him ........The Maggid explained.......that avoda of teshuva must attain a level at which Havayah, transcedent Divinity beyond worlds becomes Elokecha ...R. Meshulam Zusha asserted that he could not attain the lofty heights of such a teshuvah; he would therefore break down teshuva into more manageable components...." Reply

Mia Sherwood Landau Sherman, Texas August 23, 2010

So refreshing! Thank you so much, Rabbi, for opening up the concept of teshuva in a way that is new for me. I think it would be new for a whole lot of rabbis, too! Having experienced the "filling in of the ruts" in my brain very specifically when I prayed for healing of emotional issues that were hindering me mentally and stifling my activity I can say that this process you are describing is very real. It is available to us at all times, but apparently is enhanced at this time of Elul. Thanks for your clear, precise presentation. Reply

Nat Three Rivers, CA August 18, 2010

All in the mind? I like how you translate teshuvah as recovery or recuperation from the sense of separation from G-d caused by embodiment. I have often consisted this possible interpretation myself -- that teshuvah is completely internal and subjective. Obviously restitution is external and objective but that is a precondition to the teshuvah being accepted and not the teshuvah itself. Thus, it makes perfect sense why the transformation is actualized through chabad-style prayer/meditation. I will have to go and try it now. ;) Reply

Diane Milwaukee, Wisconsin August 17, 2010

Thank you This is the perfect time to study the paths of teshuvah.
As you have taught, Elul is our opportunity to strengthen our connection to G-d.
Thank you. Reply

Anonymous rancho mirage, ca. August 17, 2010

Thank you This is just the kind of class I need at this time. I learned so much and I will watch it again before the next one comes out. Thank you. Reply