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The Moment

Return: Five Paths for Getting Closer to G-d - Lesson 2

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The Moment: Return: Five Paths for Getting Closer to G-d - Lesson 2

Earnestly embracing the moment as a way of experiencing intimacy with G-d.
The Moment  
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Teshuvah, Penimiyut (Innerness; Integrity), Integrity

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Ashley Louisiana February 5, 2017

This is so fundamental in how we face life daily, very profound. Thank you for your teaching. Reply

Shais Taub Pittsburgh, PA August 23, 2010

It's all in Tanya! Kayo,

Thank you so much for mentioning the Alter Rebbe's letter. This happens to be one of my favorite texts and I am so happy that you mentioned it. It describes an extremely high level, but it is definitely an ideal worth striving for.

May I also recommend Epistle 25 of this same volume of Tanya and also Chapter 27 of the first volume of Tanya. These three sources all teach us (in slightly different ways) how to transcend personal suffering and live in the peace and joy of constant, conscious union with G-d. Reply

Mr. Richard Raff August 19, 2010

The Moment There are some online classes on the TV web site with Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon. Once i heard him say something that shocked me at first. Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon in a Tanya class said "one must have a circumcision of the heart to really understand teshuvah". Wow i thought in order for teshuvah to happen i must need a heart surgery,what a leap of faith. Then i remembered a class on Kabbalah and the Psychology of the Soul with Rabbi Ben-Tzion Krasnianski about the akeidah (binding of Isaac). Rabbi Shais Taub you could not be more correct about the wholeness of the heart. It is really not about the act of killing one's son for G-d. It really says how Jews found the connection to faith in G-d and comment to His will. Everything i have was already here for me by G-d, in return i must be a gracious guest and have faith in His kingdom. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan August 19, 2010

Yaphy It is already Friday in Tokyo when this class was broadcast. I have to prepare for Shabbat, but I thought if I watch this class today, it would be a great gain. I was right. This class was exactly what I needed to listen to. This class reminds me of Tanya Igret Hakodesh Epistle 11. Thank you for teaching us the sanctity of life G-d has been giving us. Especially, the teaching in this class that the life is one on one experience with G-d was powerful encouragement and inspiration. I will try to implement the teaching into my day to day life. Reply

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