The angels who perceive all things from their haven above, they will never know. They will never confront the ruthless and the insensible, the mountains of obstinate darkness, the futility of screaming as mortal life flogs you against its cold, deaf barriers. To them, all things have reason, nothing is impossible, every event has its cause and that cause its cause—they will never escape the prison of knowing.

Even the divine soul, a breath of G‑d—these are things she can never comprehend until she passes through this world. Here, cast beneath the blanket of Earth’s atmosphere, at some point she can no longer close her eyes to the real world He has made. And find there are things she cannot face. Things that cannot be uttered. Things that cannot be, but are.

A breath of G‑d descends to this world, opens her eyes and closes them. And will open them again. At that time she will see the Essence That Has No Cause.