Ultimately, the purpose of all things is not a rational one, but simply G‑d’s desire to dwell in an ordinary world, the one in which you and I live. Out of His desire comes not only this world, but all worlds and all things within them.

Why does He so desire? The question is meaningless. Reason is a mere creation. G‑d just is. There is nothing for Him to gain or risk losing, for G‑d lacks nothing. He desires without cause, just to desire.

And what does He desire? He desires to breathe a soul that is of His essence into a physical body, dressing it first within another soul, an earthly one, one very much a part of this ordinary world.

And He desires that this body and its earthly impulses will obscure and hide the divine soul breathed into it. And that nevertheless, somehow, through all this struggle, that divine soul will filter away the ugliness and refine the preciousness of the body, of the animal driving it, and even of its share of this world.

This is the sanctuary that each person makes in his life, a place where an animal is raised up onto an altar of G‑dly fire. It is here that G‑d is found in all of His primal essence, dwelling in an ordinary world.

And for this all things were made.