A beautiful and memorable holiday table can be both inexpensive and simple to set. The key is planning ahead, making a few key purchases, and allowing yourself to be creative! After investing hours and hours on food preparation you will most certainly want to place your delicacies on an elegant table. Convinced? Here's how you can make this year's table look like a bountiful feast befitting royalty:

1. Invest in an assortment of artificial jewel toned fruit- especially apples and pomegranites in all sizes and colors.

The artificial fruit can be used in several ways. First of all, you can assemble a centerpiece, by ideally arranging the fruit on a pedestal of some sort like a cake plate, footed bowl or elevated tray. (You can even make your own pedestal by placing a plate on top of a few overturned wine glasses!) The second way to use the fruit is to scatter it along the length of the table and display single pieces placed in teacups and atop candlesticks.

Note: You'll be able to use these fruit for years to come and they're great to have on hand anytime for an instant centerpiece.

2. Choose a tablecloth that will be a stunning backdrop for your festive table.

For those whose custom is to use a traditional white tablecloth for holidays, a beautiful runner or small square tablecloth placed diagonally in the center can give your New Year's table a special feel.

For those who don't feel the necessity to stick with white, the sky's the limit as far as what could work for you! Depending on the depth of your table, you may be able to find some gorgeous fabric by the yard, which can easily be made into a custom tablecloth. The sides (i.e., selvedge) of the fabric are usually finished nicely enough and the ends can be tucked under and hemmed with fusible hem tape and a hot iron. Choose fabric colors and patterns carefully such they will be harmonious with the color scheme of your home, and don't be afraid to layer patterns and colors. Before you go shopping for fabric, be sure to measure your table, and consider trying out some different color options by covering your table with any samples of fabric that you may have or even sheets or blankets in colors that might work.

3. Purchase some beautiful satin ribbon that coordinates with your tablecloth.

Tie ribbon around your candlesticks and one other item on the table. You want the look to be elegant, not overdone) You can tie a ribbon around each placesetting of silverware, make ribbon napkin rings, tie a small bow at the foot of each wine glass, or even decorate chairs with a touch of ribbon! There are so many beautiful possibilities.

4. Usher in the New Year with joy, and sit back and gaze upon the fruits of your labor with a great feeling of satisfaction for having dared to set a spectacular table!