Today's world is infatuated with fame.

Thousands of teenagers dream of Hollywood, millions crave the details of those that live in that elusive world, and the media feeds the hungry hearts and minds with glossy pictures, intimate information, and sensational footage.

There is something mesmerizing about these figures Millions of Americans, indeed millions around the world, are obsessed with the president, the vice president, and the many other political figures making life-changing decisions with a mere signature or a few spoken words.

We study their faces, their words, their lives- ten times over.

There is something mesmerizing about these figures that are larger than life.

But there is something extraordinary about the figures that actually live in your life.

They may never get a lifetime achievement award, an academy award, become a fashion icon, or the President.

They are the heroes and heroines in the things that go unnoticed.

The kindergarten teacher that has an infinite amount of patience for her students. The friend that asks how you are-and really wants to know. The check-out girl in the supermarket that consistently greets you with a smile, no matter the day, no matter the time. The father that works hard until ten o'clock at night to ensure that his children can go to a Jewish school. Your son who struggled with his compulsive nature to flare up, and won. The woman that experienced much pain in her life, but does not become a victim to it.

There are the figures that are larger than life.

And there are the figures in life that are large.

Large in unsung greatness. Let's notice them.