It is the night before the first day of school.
We have had a five week long holiday and it has been great.
We swam. Painted. Had friends. Went on trips.
I can’t sleep.
I am anxious.
Have a knot in my stomach.
What will the new teacher be like?
I have heard her name. Morah Sarah they say.
Aunty Tova says she is sweet.
Will she like me? Is she fair?
I know all the same kids will be in the class.
MR will be there as well as AS and DL.
And I know it is only for the morning.
But still.
It is going back to routine.
Not being together all day every day.
Deep down, I know it will be okay.
I will be fine.
Yet there is still that separation anxiety.
A funny thing. Not rational. But very much there.
I cry as the time comes for us to part for the morning.
We have to each get on with our own activities.
My heart wrenches.
Separation anxiety- mine, not his.
I am his mom.