a silent voice to become a breath
a body to be infused with a soul
or a soul wearing its body

what is it like to hold on through the journey of birth
for the mother and for the father
for the child entering the world?

so many instincts and feelings and none predictable
none truly comparable to what it is
emergence into existence
opening up to a new light
an earthly way of life enfolded in the mystery of creation

lingering in the higher world with the rest of souls – connected always
yet being in the lower world as person, child, a potential 'who' to become

black matter of the universe illuminated by the brightness of stars
a void enables co-existence of planets and space suits carry life to
where life hasn't thrived

soul doesn't need anything only the Creator of all
and many steps lead one to the One

so long as the potency of being weighs heavy
there is no shattering, nothing but movement within
and perfect belonging in the whole entirety of Mother