I am not wealthy – in fact, I have struggled with finances my entire life. I am not famous – I have written two books, but they have yet to be published. As for success, I am not in the category of "one who made it." So one day when I was feeling downhearted after being downsized for the 10th time in about 10 years and my dear friend suggested that I take out a sheet of paper and list my accomplishments, it should come as no surprise that what I began to list first were my "regrets."

I have never been a mom – never had a baby. I did not choose a career; being an administrative assistant ended up choosing me about 30 years ago and that is where I remain. I do not have any unique or special talents nor was I ever a really good student. The list continued getting more personal as I wrote faster and faster.

The list continued getting more personal Then, tiring of seeing all these negative statements, I began to list my accomplishments. Well, I wrote a children's story… but, it is not yet published. I am writing a book about my Holocaust survivor dad's life – but it, too, is not yet ready for publication. I am studying Hebrew- but I am not yet fluent. My list continued in this way – always coming up with a justification for not allowing each item listed to truly fall into the category of "accomplishment."

Then, the items on my list did a clandestine little maneuver I was not aware of until I stopped writing. My list continued with: I became Shomer Shabbat (Shabbat observant), I became more observant of mitzvahs in general, I am studying Torah a little bit more, I am keeping a kosher home, I have been an administrative assistant for over 30 years, I met and married a wonderful man who is and has always been my best friend, I have some very special friends who are there for me whenever I need them, and I even ever so slightly helped open the door to Torah study for a very special relative of mine.

Abruptly, I stopped writing!! I gasped looking back at my list and thought – wait a minute, these really are accomplishments, aren't they?! So I began to think this through- slowly, as tears began streaming down my face faster than I could dab them away with a tissue, I thought: perhaps I have had the wrong definition for "accomplishment" all along!! Perhaps, the definition of "accomplishment" is not what the outcome is for what you have done!! Perhaps fame, success, wealth are not the yardstick for your accomplishments!! Perhaps an accomplishment is something that you have done, a level that you have achieved, a spark of growth, a person's life you touch – even in a very small way – a positive change that you make in your life!

All along I have had the wrong definitionWhich means that no matter how old you are, no matter what your regrets- whether you are "talented" or have a prominent career (although those things have a place in being accomplished) is not the be-all that ends all review of your life!!

As I realized that all along I have had the wrong definition for accomplishment, the darkness began to fade into light as I could see I have actually accomplished quite a lot with my life and have quite a lot to be proud of!! Not that I am any great hero but every life has meaning – sometimes you just have to take a moment out of your very busy day and review your accomplishments – with the right definition at hand!!

Looking at Torah, Torah says that a man's good deeds are his accomplishments. So, go out and do some good deeds- and humbly start your list!