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Stories of Return

Pondering Jew
A Journey of Spiritual Growth
Why, Oh Why, Oh Why? My Inquisitive Journey to Mitzvot
I decided that whatever was done in my husband’s home to yield such strength, we would do in ours. So when he said, “I want to keep kosher and Shabbat”—traditions many European Jews keep—I replied, “Show me what to do.”
How I Became a Halachic Jew
So what about me and others like me, the “boring” converts? Should we take advantage of the fact that our secret is safe?
A Soul at Sinai: From a Life in Germany to a Life in Israel
When I joined my mother for the weekly visits to the church, I felt something wasn’t right.
Wishing I Had Been More Sensitive on the Path to Change
I let too many people who had once helped me become strangers.
A Five-Year Detour: My Path to Becoming Observant
I stumbled upon Chabad seemingly by accident shortly before I finished university.
The Road to Going Kosher
I didn’t fully understand why non-kosher meat was off-limits, but the ethics behind it—coupled with my appreciation of an animal’s suffering and my acceptance of the Torah’s laws—keeps me from going back to meat that was slaughtered in a non-kosher manner.
Family Discovery Redux: More Intrigue From My Ancestry
When I received a recent email from the widow of a distant French cousin, I had absolutely no idea how the information it contained would turn my life upside-down.
How I Found Judaism and Experienced Miracles
I vowed to never associate myself with Jews, except for my family. I kept that vow till I was 56 years old.
My Chicken Soup Journey
I grew up in a home without chicken soup—no Friday-night candles, no sweet challah, no Shabbat dinner at all.
How I Overcame a Childhood of Bland Judaism
Our definition of being Jewish just meant that we weren’t anything else.
History Revealed: Discovering My Jewish Roots
I was born into what appeared to be a typical non-Jewish American family, in a small town in Illinois. No one in my family adhered to any religious beliefs.
How to Become Religious Without Losing Yourself
About 10 years ago I fell head over heels in love with Judaism . . .
My New Kosher Kitchen
How did I get to this point? Of not only wanting to have a kosher kitchen, but actually having it koshered?
Of Kapotehs, Ladders and Crazy, Lit-up Rabbis
After years of watching these and other animated, enthusiastic rabbis, with their interesting and industrious ways of approaching holidays—and every day, for that matter—I have learned that sometimes it’s me who is missing a tune.
I Took the Road Less Traveled—and Stayed There
“You’re going to sit home ALONE instead of driving to shul to be with other Jews at Shabbat services?!” my parents demanded.
A Mother-Daughter Journey Back To Judaism
“Spiritual journey”—it's a cliché, but I don't know a better way to describe it.
From a Disco Miracle to Wigs for Sick Women
At a young age, she announced that she was going to have a home just like theirs when she grew up, with a big Shabbat table and many children...
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