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Personal Reflections

Yes, It's My Eighth Child!
A pregnant belly is always fodder for anyone and everyone’s input. Funny thing is, the comments are mostly predictable and almost always along the same lines.
What I'd Like to Tell the Woman Who Pitied Me for Having So Many Children
Okay, so maybe I was looking a little harried that day . . .
Size Extra-Large Works for Me and My Family
A friend once smiled at my children and at me, then said, “You don’t have to have, like, a million kids.”
The Case for Large Families
each child has opened my heart wider, not only to that child but to the others as well. Each child makes me a better parent to all of our children.
Big Families
"How Many Children Are You Going to Have?"
I recently participated in a phone conference connecting 29 people from Israel, Ukraine, France, Alaska, Texas, New York and Solon, Ohio, all the children or children-in-law of a single woman -- my mother
Your Money or Your Son!
The inner meaning of pidyon haben
Who would ever even consider keeping the money instead of their precious child, G‑d forbid? But when you think about it, we can—often without even realizing it—sacrifice everything, even our child, for some silver . . .
If you're feeling broody, go for it
Picture This: Dozens of Offspring Before You Hit 60
Pictures don't lie, but they don't tell the whole truth either. They just capture a moment—no, a split-second—in time.
Zahavah’s Friend
“I have a friend called Sarah,” said the woman on the other end of the line. “She’s pregnant and says she can’t afford another child, so she decided to have an abortion . . .”
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