With trees turning shades and cold rainfall more frequent, the impending winter is becoming more of a reality each day. Along with the weather changes, our wardrobes have also begun the transition from the breezy materials of summer to warmer and heavier winter clothing. As we pull out the coats and sweaters packed away, we have an opportune time to re-organize and de-clutter our draws and closets. Often, we hang on to clothing and accessories we know we’ll never use [alright, MAYBE once…], allowing them to take up functional space. Here are a number of suggestions to help keep your drawers and closets in order!

· Group your clothing by color. Often, we find ourselves desperately searching for a particular article of clothing, only to be overwhelmed by the mass of colors protruding from our closets! By dividing clothes into colors, it will be of no trouble to find that brown sweater.

· Further divide your clothing into categories: skirts, shirts, sweaters, etc. This will help you avoid fishing for an outfit each day.

· Winter and summer items should be kept separately. You can lose a lot of space unnecessarily by keeping out-of-season clothing on the shelves.

· Only keep clothing that is your size. How many of us have full wardrobes in a wild range of sizes? Instead of keeping a mass of un-usable clothing in your closet, store them away, or better yet, donate the clothes you know you’ll never wear.

· Take advantage of a shoe rack and avoid that heap of shoes thrown on the bottom of your closet floor.

· For small items such as socks and underwear, place them in removable compartments to be put inside a drawer. This will keep them together, and make it easier for you to fold and put away.

· It is also worthwhile to keep belts, bags, hats, etc. in separate baskets.

· Before putting away summer clothing, wash or dry-clean them. This will avoid stains (including invisible ones like deodorant and perfume) from setting in. Store them in garment-bags to avoid moths or other damage.

· Investing in proper hangers will keep the shape of your clothing.

· Remember: Closets and drawers are for clothing, and not family albums, wrapping paper, or ancient high school notebooks!


Good luck!