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Frazzled No More

Focused Living with a Jewish Twist

Focused Living with a Jewish Twist walks busy readers through easy-to-follow steps that will give you more time to do what you love.

The System Is the Solution
Essentially, the rules governing how to run an efficient Mishkan can teach us how to live efficiently, as well. Make a simple system for the jobs that are done every day in your personal Mishkan, also known as your home.
Goodbye, Email
And Other Ways to Reclaim Your Productivity
As a bazillion things cry out for our attention each day, it’s good to stay focused on what gets priority. And what better place to start than your inbox?
New Year, New You
With the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, approaching, it’s a great time to take a mental inventory of your life. What’s going on, what’s not going on, and how can next year be better than the year before?
Outer Calm = Inner Tranquility
Outer calm reflects inner tranquility. Stay ahead of the clutter curve with these five simple steps.
Deciding to Decide
Day-to-day life does require a sizeable amount of decisions to be made. And understandably, there is a fair amount of stress attached to these decisions. Follow these tips to minimize decision-making anxiety.
Practical Solutions for Outsmarting Clutter
You see that pile of unopened mail on the counter? Is it getting higher each day? Are new piles sprouting up all over the place?
Three Simple Habits of Remarkably Efficient People
Anyone else out there have a “to-do” list longer than the circumference of their home?
Delegate More Effectively to Your
Just because you haven’t got your own butler doesn’t mean you don’t have anyone to delegate to.
Creating a More Authentic Version of You
Productivity isn’t just about a global initiative to be doing more; it’s about doing more of the things that bring us closer to our goals and reveal our true authentic self.
Prioritizing Your Priorities
What do you do when you have no time to get things done?
Teaching Organization to Children
One of the many challenges of healthy modeling is staying one step ahead of the children. The good news is, you can teach time and space management to your children as you master them yourself.
Work-Life Balance
There is always too much to do, and not enough time or energy to do it.
Conquering Ourselves
It takes a tremendous amount of courage and effort to be really in touch with our own character defects and to humbly work on them.
To Buy or Not to Buy
It’s hard to live a streamlined lifestyle with a constant flow of new “stuff.” Try these tips for curbing unnecessary purchases.
Get Your Creativity On!
However you choose to express yourself, your world needs your creative response.
Why You Need to Love Your Freezer
Mentally take inventory every few weeks, so that your hard work yields its ROI (return on investment), or keep a list of frozen items on your refrigerator door.
10 Steps Towards a More Serene Passover
With all the cleaning and cooking for Passover, it’s easy to lose sight of the inner meaning of this holy time. So, this year, let’s take steps to arrive at the Seder relaxed and inspired.