It's been a while
A while since I put my fingers to these keys
A while since I expressed my sorrows to the world
This world of chaos and confusion
Time spudders as I sit in my Ralph Lauren sheets
Thinking where I have been these past few weeks

I have seen things I never thought were true
Things out of story books
A fantasy land of explicit images and magical colors

Individuals dropped me for there own self gratification
To clear there mind of the things that meant nothing to them

I have many questions I need to ask my self
I have many to ask the world
But I think I'll start with G‑d
Where are you when the shades go down and my mind speeds into the black hole of self guilt and mutilation of the mind and soul

Where are you in tears, of shame

Where are you at this time, in this minute, this very second

In the deep creases of my palms, I will search for you
In bloody veins I will set sale on a never ending journey

And I will not end till I find you