Life is like a book. Flipping through its pages, yellow with age, we are transported to different places all over the world. Tropical rainforests, dark alleys, hot deserts, green valleys or sparkling blue waters. Adventure, suspense and mystery take us wherever we want to go. We discover, we learn and we experience. We experience the wonders of our world. Absorbed in our books, life goes on around us.

Life is like a roller coaster. Each day has its ups and downs with tears, smiles, anxiety, laughter and fear. But what goes down must come up. For every tragic moment there must be a moment of sheer joy. For every anxious moment there must be a face glowing with happiness. And for every moment of boredom there must be a time for serious concentration. As we travel up and down through life, each person experiences different feelings. Some brace themselves for the worst whilst others always hope for the best. Life is not a smooth ride.

Life is like a melody. When it is born it fills the world with its pleasure, spreading happiness wherever it is heard. Sometimes it is a mournful tune, when people are troubled or ill. Sometimes it is a joyful tune, delighting its listeners. Everyday talented people all over the world compose tunes as precious lives are brought into this world.

Life is like a face. At times it smiles upon us. The sun shines brightly and everyone is healthy and well. But sometimes it frowns on us. The skies darken, reflecting our moods as the rain pours down heavily. People become ill. Life is merciless. A cruel grimace spreads across the face. But not for long, for in better times a grin lights up the face. Life has many faces, presenting another to the world each day.

Life is like a balloon. Air blown into it, it expands and comes to life. It is colourful, big and entertaining. But slowly, it shrinks and fades. The air slowly leaves the balloon until it is deflated, lying limp on the floor. Its life lasts only as long as it is filled with air. In its prime, its brightness and colour fill its surroundings.

Life is like a dream. We live through our trouble and happiness when suddenly we wake up to reality. Time is precious, minutes tick away as life progresses. It must be used to its fullest potential. The dream must be forgotten because nothing can be achieved while living in a fantasy.

Life is like a light. During our lives, most of us are active. We read, we talk, we run and we laugh. However, when old age creeps nearer we become slower and more hesitant. Everything slows down as the light dims. Finally, the light is snuffed out only to spread its light again when another child enters this world.

As life is beckoned in, it brings tears of joy. As life is ushered out, it brings tears of sadness and mourning. However we see it, life is precious.