Here’s a great idea for beautiful-looking matchboxes for lighting your Shabbat candles.

Once we light the Shabbat candles and accept upon ourselves the holy day of Shabbat, the matches and matchbox become muktzah, meaning that we are not permitted to touch or move them. To save yourself from having just regular or unsightly matchboxes next to your glowing Shabbat candles, you can make these beautiful vintage-looking matchbox covers.

  • To make these, purchase small matchboxes from any hardware store or Safeway in the barbecue section. They come in packs of various sizes. I chose the miniature ones where you slide the box of matches out from the cardboard casing.
  • To decorate, I used adhesive fabric paper that I found at a craft store—but really, any paper will work, even if you adhere it yourself with double-sided tape or a craft adhesive. (I wouldn’t suggest using a glue stick, as it may not adhere well.) Try a sticky embellishment roller tape. Of course, this adds another step, so ideally see if you can find something adhesive that looks pretty! (Maybe even washi tapes!)
  • Measure, cut and adhere the paper of your choice, and voilà! Homemade matchboxes that look beautiful!
  • You can add sequins, a label or glitter to your delight!

These are so pretty you might want to package them with tea lights and present them to a friend.

  • Purchase 3″×5″ bags from any craft store or (12 bags for $5.99), made out of linen.
  • Stamp front of bag with personalization, like our Chabad stamp from
  • Slide two tea lights (from Ikea) into bag so they lie flat, not one on top of the other, otherwise bag won’t close.

Pull drawstring and tie in a loose knot or bow!