Special Children
Having a child with Down syndrome will soften your heart, allowing you to accept people as they are, regardless of their abilities. I've noticed that since I had Rozie, I am more accepting of people in general, and particularly of those who have mental disorders.

by Sheva Givre
Time in Thought
Even from afar, he looked a little scary. He was heavily tattooed, had a large chain swinging from his pocket, and was smoking a cigarette. He walked with a swagger that gave off an "I dare you to pass judgment on me" vibe...

By Sarah Zadok
Dealing With Challenge
My stomach fell; my heart skipped beats. My throat had a lump in it, and tears were about to burst forth on my cheeks. I was exhausted, worn out and drained. We have no one to call, no one to turn to...

By Elana Mizrahi
Jewish Women You Should Know
Then this gal showed up on the hit TV show, The Big Bang Theory as a modest-dressing neurobiologist nerd. How she managed to convince the producers to let her character dress in a skirt that covers her knees is remarkable...

By Talia Davis
Stories of Return
The fact that I belonged to two cultures and religions made me feel like something inside me was irreconcilable and wrong. This engendered a kind of existential shame. I felt like a driven leaf, without roots or branches . . .

By Keren Gabriella
Musing for Meaning
Following a suicide, everyone is looking for a reason, an excuse. Everyone wants to find something or someone to blame. Because when we have a label, it makes it so much easier to separate it from our lives or our responsibility...

By Sara Esther Crispe
Most couples are given G‑d's natural blessings; it's only certain ones whom G‑d gifts with the even loftier, perhaps supernatural blessing of adoption...

By Chaim Bruk
Women's Health
Chemotherapy . . . that was what cancer patients were treated with. "Is leukemia cancer?" I asked. The doctor nodded. I ran out of the room...

By Miriam Laine
Our Parents
I tried to extract as much wisdom and guidance from him as possible. "Talk more, Dad," I pleaded. "I just want to hear you speak. Your words are my inheritance. I'm going to embrace them forever. Tell me what matters in life. Tell me what's real. Tell me what to do when times get tough. Tell me how to cope without you."

By Ariella Sunny Levi
If I dared talk on the phone without asking him for permission, he would grab it out of my hand and throw it across the room. I needed to report to him exactly how much I spent and on what. If I bought an extra tomato, he would take away the credit card until I "repented.".

By Anonymous