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This week we commemorate the yahrtzeit of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, of righteous memory, whose life was a legacy of sacrifice and love. Nine years ago in her honor, we launched, which has become the premier destination on the web for Jewish women.

As we celebrate 9 amazing years of continuous growth, we ask you, our readers, to help us achieve our goal: to reach every Jewish woman!

Over the last year we have had 1,725,881 unique visitors to our site and continue to receive enthusiastic feedback from our community of readers. This year, we are shooting for at least 2 million visitors and here’s how you can help!

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We cry with our authors as they open up their hearts to share their struggles and triumphs. We celebrate milestones and holidays. We study profound Torah texts with knowledgeable mentors. We grow together through tips and practical guidance from experts in all fields. And we discover remarkable women who inspire us to likewise reach deep within to find our own unique potential.

Ours is a community of diversity. Professionals and homemakers. Grandmothers and teens. Women who are single or married, divorced or widowed. From all walks of observance, from all backgrounds.

We welcome you all to our home.

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Here’s some recent feedback we’ve received from you, our family of readers about TJW, the home for every Jewish woman:

  • I enjoy enormously! Mostly because of all the voices. The voices of writers who speak to me at the end of my day when I treat myself to reading their articles. They tell me that they too are trying to do their best. They assure me that they too have faults and have hit potholes and have seen miracles. They let me know that I am right there with them.
  • What a great website. I don't know how I was lucky enough to be invited to your website; but I am so glad. I love the stories, art, and inspiration.
  • TheJewishWoman has become my lifeline as I struggle to learn more of my heritage.
  • Love the great recipes and holiday crafts!
  • Thank you for a very inspirational, informative and interesting website. It is really for EVERY WOMAN. I love the variety of levels... some more scholarly, some more inspirational. Well done.

So, please help us invite more Jewish women to join our community.

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