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Practical Halachah: Cooking on Shabbat, Part 4

Preparing Coffee and Tea

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Practical Halachah: Cooking on Shabbat, Part 4: Preparing Coffee and Tea

In this class we learn the laws of cooking on Shabbat, focusing on its practical application to common practices in the kitchen. For example we address removing food from a hot pot, stirring and covering a pot, how to make coffee and tea, the status of the serving ladle, and how to warm a baby bottle.
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Shabbat, Halacha, Prohibition of Cooking on Shabbat

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Shaul Wolf August 4, 2015

Re: crock-pot Being that removing the lid does not add to the heat of the pot, it is permitted to remove it on Shabbat. Reply

Menachem Shapiro san diego August 2, 2015


In this class you talk about putting a lid on a pot while it is still on the fire/blech. It is forbidden because, like stirring, it causes the food to cook better.

Many crock-pot recipes recommend removing the lid of the crock pot for the last half hour of the cooking process. This is to have some of the liquid boil away.

Since this helps the cooking process, is it forbidden the same way it is forbidden to put a lid on a pot that is on the fire? Or is there no problem, since you're not increasing the heat at all (in fact, you're decreasing it)? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for July 28, 2015

Re: Tea Instant tea has the same status as instant coffee, with regards to Shabbat. Reply

Alizah Hochstead Efrat, Israel July 28, 2015

Tea WHat about instant tea? Reply

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