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Practical Halachah: Cooking on Shabbat, Part 3

Cooking after Cooking

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Practical Halachah: Cooking on Shabbat, Part 3: Cooking after Cooking

In this class we learn the laws of cooking on Shabbat and some of the underlying principles and their practical application. We focus on the principle of ‘cooking after cooking’ as it applies to dry food items as well as to liquids and wet foods. For example may we place cooked noodles into a pot of soup? May one turn on or off the hot water from the faucet?
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Shabbat, Halacha, Prohibition of Cooking on Shabbat

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Efraim Zaltzman Brooklyn July 20, 2022

at 1:00 you mean that's off the fire Reply

Simcha M Bart for February 15, 2016

Soup Ladle If you are constantly using the ladle to fill bowls with soup, you would not need to dry it in between, as we do not say that the soup in the ladle cooled off sufficiently to be a problem. On the other hand, if you fill a bowl of soup, take it to the table, and go back to the kitchen for more - then you would need to dry the ladle before dipping it into the pot again. Reply

Elisheva February 10, 2016

soup ladel whats is the bottom line as to the ladel and the pot of soup? Reply

Shoshanna August 6, 2015

wonderful Reply

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