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Practical Halachah: Sechitah on Shabbat

The Prohibition of ‘Squeezing’

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Practical Halachah: Sechitah on Shabbat: The Prohibition of ‘Squeezing’

One of the prohibited categories of work on Shabbat is Sechitah, which is squeezing out liquid from an item. This class outlines the biblical and rabbinic nature of this prohibition, and the situations it’s permitted. Learn practical applications related to squeezing lemon juice, sucking fruit, wiping up spills, using sponges, baby wipes, nursing and pumping, and hair drying.
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Shabbat, Halacha

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Anonymous New York December 6, 2017

Is brushing one's teeth with a regular toothbrush and tubed toothpaste permitted on Shabbos? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for February 19, 2017

Correction As the commenter below noted, at 4:05 Rabbi Shusterman meant to say "forbidden" rather than "allowed." Thanks for pointing that out. Reply

Anonymous Tehachapi February 17, 2017

The Rav said pressing a spoon against the inside of a grapefruit or orange to get the juice is "rabbinically allowed." I believe it was just an inadvertent slip. Surely it is rabbinically forbidden? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for October 15, 2015

Re: Nursing mother Nursing a baby on Shabbat is absolutely fine. The only issue is when the baby isn't eating directly from the mother, rather the milk is being expressed into a bottle, etc. Reply

Tzipporah Connecticut October 14, 2015

Nursing mother and Shechitah. Do I understand this correctly that a nursing mother cannot nurse her baby (or must do so with day-old milk) on Shabbat because of a Rabbinic edict against expressing breast milk on Shabbat? If so, I would appreciate learning the rational of this prohibition (and not simply because it is Halachacically forbidden). It would seem to defy logic to embrace such a prohibition. Reply

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