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Intermediate Talmud: Lesson 12

How to Answer 'Amen'

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Intermediate Talmud: Lesson 12: How to Answer 'Amen'

The Talmud turns its discussion to the proper way to recite 'amen.' What are the common ways in which the 'amen' response is rendered incorrectly?
Talmud Berachot 47a  
Intermediate Talmud: Lesson 12 (English)  
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Talmud, Amen, Berachot, Zimun

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1 Comment
leibel paltiel (yisivah student) chicago March 23, 2023

i love you're classes so clear and straight to the point! learning a lot of skills. thank you very much! Reply

Learn how to study Talmud line-by-line and word-by-word. In this intermediate level class you will learn to understand the unique give-and-take style of Talmudic argument. Text for this class is Chapter Seven of Tractate Brachot (folio 45a).
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