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Why I Need A Rebbe

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Why I Need A Rebbe

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Rebbe, Role of; Rebbe-Chassid Relationship

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Sam Denmark November 27, 2018

Shalom Rebbe.
I must say I admire your work here in Chabad it's always a knew experience to re listen to this series of 26 lectures of Kabbalah.
I need to say, that I feel obligated to comment to this teaching, some of the informations here are understandable, but the necessity to connect with a Rebbe to be connected to HaShem its a bit hard to digest. The way its presented here almost sounds like idol worship. HaShem Rachem I know that its not the case to worship the Rebbe, but we are able to connect to HaShem without connecting to a Rebbe first. HaShem is the Rabbe of all Rebbe and we connect to HaShem alone. We all need a Rebbe to learn what HaShem has taught him, so that he can teach us, and it goes on. The Rebbe is someone we learn from and he tells us what we shall do to get close to our Creator so that our connection will become much better and better. I want to finish this comment with the most important, to give thanks to The Creator for all the wisdom and simply for Himself. Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman December 17, 2018
in response to Sam:

Hey Sam,

Thank you for your comment. The necessity of a Rebbe is a complicated idea that walks a fine line between truth and idolatry. I just want to clarify that worshiping the Rebbe in any way is strictly forbidden.

The Rebbe is supposed to be like a skylight. A hole in the physical roof that allows Divine light to shine through. When you approach the skylight, you can bask in the beam of light that the skylight has allowed to pass through.

Unfortunately, there are many that wish to piggyback on the Rebbe's privileged connection with G-d, rather than forming their own. That is a problem. it is something that we must make clear that is wrong.

Even without a Rebbe, connection to G-d is totally possible. But, without the skylight, finding the light seeping through cracks in the roof is so much more difficult, and so much less powerful. Reply

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