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Married to G-d

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Married to G-d

In the context of a Jew's relationship with G-d, every sin is an act of betrayal. Thus, teshuvah (repentance) is the act of restoring closeness after the bonds of trust have been broken.
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Marriage, Teshuvah, Sin

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S U.K. January 21, 2017

Childhood to maturity Psychology (academic) is like the the immature child without the teaching of Psychology of the Soul.

After many years of studying human life, the truth being life is nothing without Torah teaching. These teachings are the foundation of a healthy balanced individual.

When we can comprehend this, then we comprehend how Torah heals through teshuvah. It is through teshuvah one casts of the unclean garments and can turn to HaShem with an open and honest loving heart, mind and soul.

The Psychology of the human soul truly brings mankind back to his purpose in life, and then the individual can begin to live.

Unfortunately, too many souls are in soiled garments and once cleansed, through Torah, as if having been cleansed through the red heifer ritual, the difficulty is remaining separate and cleansed.

This is where one has to recognise HaShem is one and everything else is superfluous.

Thank you for your enlightening lectures. Reply

Anonymous Netherlands October 3, 2014

Never heard wisdom like this!
How much someone can learn in half an hour! Reply

Anonymous USA August 12, 2013

Married To G-d Dear Rabbi Krasnianski, you are so right, you have made me come to a realization. We are instructed in Torah before we come to this world. And are given free choice. If we return to Him, and ask Him to teach us His ways, and to love the way He loves us, He listen to our prayer. If we immerse ourselves in Torah's teaching, and seeking His presence in all things, then we will have peace. The evil inclination would have no power over us. Now I understand what a marriage is like. Especially the marriage we could have with Him if we accept Him, and His ways with all our hearts. Thank you for your teachings. Reply

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