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The Uninspired Jew

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The Uninspired Jew

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Andre Cohen March 8, 2013

awareness Sooner than later the unaware Jew in retrospect will see how blind they were if they are not in alignment with this path. If lead astray from our purpose of building a home for G-d we may experience emptiness and meaningless existence. The Rabbi is emphasizing following and adhering to what really matters regardless of what our own will desires. Follow His will not yours! Don't just be happy, most important do the right thing every moment not to please anyone in flesh but Him only. Reply

Piotr Belchow, Poland August 6, 2010

Great man, inspiring, I am really impresed by his speech. Reply

Michal October 15, 2009

Connection with Hashem I agree with you. Connection with G-d is the most important thing in my life.
When I open my eyes in the morning, I am aware, that He is there, looking at me.
Only, I do not have the feeling in the first case, that He is a King, in the first case He loves me.
And Love does not make me spring out of my bed, but stay there be quiet and feel the gladness, that He - out of His love - gave me my soul back and wants me (allows me) to stay another day in this world, where I still have to improve emulating Him. - And then I am allowed to talk to him with "Moda ani..."
So, the "jumping out of bed" must not be, but surely it could be that way. Humans are different, and also it depends on the age.
But altogether you are right. I want to emulate G-d, sometimes I don't feel like it. Nevertheless I should obey His mitzvoth.
With that you helped me - knowing that He sees it and smiles at me. Thank you. Reply

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