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The Akeidah

The Binding of Issac


The Akeidah: The Binding of Issac

The Binding of Issac and the Meaning of Jewish Martyrdom
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Self Sacrifice, Binding of Isaac

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Ben Tzion Krasnianski November 20, 2012

Response to Ana Dear Ana,

Yes while it's true that there were many spiritual giants before Avrohom, they were insular, their effect on their surrounding negligible. The best proof is Noah who heroically and single handedly saved the world but only by saving his own family while letting everyone else drown. Avrohom, however, challenged and inspired the masses to become aware of the truth and reality of G-d.

All the best,
Ben Tzion Krasnianski Reply

ana alarcon November 3, 2012

THE AKEIDA I have a Q? if G-d was irrelevant in the days of Abraham, what about Melchizedek King of Salem? priest of G-d the Most High? Reply

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