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G-d's Essence Revealed

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G-d's Essence Revealed

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Hilda Zeigler Gales Ferry November 26, 2015

G-ds Essence Revealed Dear Rabbi Krasnianski,
Thank you ever so much for your enthusiastic, understandable, beautiful Tanya lesson. It brought such joy to my mind and heart until the part about certain creations Amalek/Hitler? being irredeemable and then tears flowed and continue to flow as I write. I heard and felt the energy of no resounding and reverberating in every fiber of my being and I prayed please Almighty G-d let it not be so. This is very disturbing to me and will not be able to accept it until I am able to understand the truth of what you taught. How is it possible any creation made in some tiny miniscule way from the essence of G-d be beyond His power to redeem and return to His Holy Oneness and Unity? Is not this putting a limitation on G-d and is anything impossible for G-d? I cannot fathom G-d as ever giving up on any of His creations and that He would ever cease creating conditions to help bring a soul in darkness back into the His light. What do I need to study to understand? Reply

Anonymous October 23, 2013

thank you thank you Reply

Ben Tzion Krasnianski New York, NY May 15, 2012

Are Jews better Dear Kirk,

To understand the difference between the Jewish soul, a Jew is a Jew is a Jew, and the soul of a gentile for e.g., Noah who was a gentile, heroic and righteous, please see the videos on Tanya Part 1, Chapter 1, Lesson 3 and Chapter 2, Lesson 1.

All the best. Reply

Talmid Kirk Todd Lithonia, Ga May 15, 2012

Are Jews better than every one else? Jews are to be a light to the nations so the nations will embrace Hashem and Torah.

Are not the souls of all mankind created by the same creator? All this talk about Jews having godly souls and gentiles having animal souls is very offensive to read or hear, but I do not see any where in Torah, where Hashem teaches on the differrence of the souls.

So, please help me on this? Reply

Piotr Belchow, Poland August 6, 2010

There is one point I cannot agree upon, that there are human beings not irredeemable. Reply

Ben Tzion Krasnianski New York, NY October 21, 2009

Regardng your question Dear Dovid,

Your question is not on me but on the Zohar that states that there's no space empty of G-d. This is the Jewish belief as stated in the verse that G-d's glory fills all of the world. The difference between Israel and the rest o fthe world is that in the Holy Land G-d's presence is felt and manifest while in the rest of the world, as in the Hebrew name for the world 'Olam' which etymologically shares the same root as the Hebrew word 'he-elem' which means hidden, G-dliness is concealed. But this concealment could only affect G-d's projection. G-d's essence, however, remains unaffected by the Tzimtzum.

As the midrash states that when Moshiach will come, Eretz Yisroel will spread throughout the whole world because then G-d's essence will become manifest throughout all of existence.

With blessing,

Ben Tzion Krasnianski Reply

Dovid Rehovot, Israel October 20, 2009

ONE THING YOU SAID How can you possibly compare Jerusalem and any other place? G-d is everywhere, especially Israel.
The Shechina never leaves Israel.
G-d watches over and tends to Eretz Yisrael. The rest of the world survives through angels sent by G-d. Reply