The soul is full of words, some inscribed, some engraved.

The words inscribed are not of the essence—they come to the soul from the outside, from life and its experiences. Therefore, they may fade and fall away, perhaps to be replaced by other words.

The words engraved are of the soul itself—just as engravings are no more than the form of the stone. When the soul finds quietude, those words are there. If the soul is in turmoil, or soiled by experience, those engravings need only be cleaned and uncovered. But they can never be torn away.

Those same words that compose the fabric of the soul, they are also engraved in a holy fire within the depths of the Soul of All Things. They are the words that Moses heard and inscribed on stone and on parchment.

So that at times, when you immerse yourself in the Torah and the words of its sages, when you allow them entry to touch your soul, you may hear those words resonating inside your soul.