When your doctor gives you instructions for your health, listen up. If he starts predicting your fate, tell him that¹s none of his business.

Whether you will be healed is decided in a heavenly court by your Maker. The limitations of medical science haven¹t the slightest influence. Your job and your doctor¹s job is only to allow that blessing of life to enter into the everyday world in an everyday way.

If you ignore the need for this blessing to come into our world by natural means, and demand instead a supernatural miracle, you are shirking your responsibility. You are abandoning the earthly realm you were placed within to purify. You are disassociating the human act of healing from the Divine, declaring it foreign to G‑d¹s purpose. The blessing too may run away, seeing it has no door to enter.

But if you do whatever you can to prepare your world to receive this blessing — there is no shortage of means for the Healer of All Flesh to send His healing.