After the Rebbe suffered a severe heart attack in his 75th year, he came back up from the depths holding brilliant new jewels of enlightenment. Wondrously, the jewels were not couched in the settings of the Rebbe’s immediate world -a world of study, meditation and prayer -but in the story of one who struggles to retain spirituality while squeezing the world for a paycheck.

Those who had taken career advice from the Rebbe now realized how intimately he lived with them in their struggle.

When the world was made the most blinding sparks of light fell to the lowest places. So there, in the super-fragmented world of money and eking out a living, there the Rebbe sees no dichotomy, nothing separate from G‑d -only a grand purpose, a great mine in which to discover divine jewels of such value, they have never seen the light of day.