When you will eat from the toil of your hands, then you will be happy and it will be good for you.

Psalms 128:2

Note that it says “the toil of your hands”—and not the toil of your inner self.

—Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi

Work anxiety is a sign that you’ve invested too much into earning a living. It’s one thing to invest money and time, even skill and ingenuity. It’s another thing to invest your very essence and being.

Your essence and being doesn’t do well working for a living. It doesn’t belong there. It belongs invested in the purpose of your work.

Stop and think: Why am I doing this? What is this money for? What is my real purpose, the reason my soul came into this world?

Find that purpose, and invest your heart, mind and soul into everything directly connected to it.

Yes, do your best at everything you do, but invest in those things at the core. Worry about them, and you’ll worry less about money.