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10 Tevet
The union of man and woman has both a spiritual and a physical dimension.
In a rainforest, there is nothing that is not rainforest. Everything is united in perfect unity.
We share a communal identity and destiny, where we celebrate and mourn as one.
Short and sweet advice on how to live life.
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Special Children
She brought him home to her house full of children, and a few days later, the social worker called.
As my daughter grows and reaches new milestones, I cannot help but watch my reactions to her with a kind of curiosity.

Dear Readers,

Your hands are clammy, your heart is racing, your blood is thumping loudly through your veins … you are clearly under a lot of stress.

Maybe you are interviewing for a job that you’ve have placed high hopes on. Maybe you’ve just heard about a difficult change in your financial situation. Maybe you’re about to give a presentation, and a lot depends on its outcome. Whatever...

G d’s “mind” may be in the Torah, his “heart” may be in the yearnful notes of prayer, but His “desire” is in the dwelling the we make for Him out of our physical selves and world.
— Love in the Ice Age
Handy Household Hacks
Uses of Pant Hangers

Store spools of ribbon and Washi tape on tiered pant hangers.

Make a Life

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

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