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When is the last time you checked in on the inner dialogue in your head, and your running thoughts and feelings about yourself?
How many of these qualities do you connect with? Which of these come easily to you and which are challenging for you?
Parshat Balak
An international diplomatic crisis heightened the threat to the Rebbe’s life and helped secure his deliverance.
The fast of the 17th of Tammuz commemorates five tragic events that occurred on that date. The first dates back to the times of Moses . . .
The Magazine
Time In Thought
Despite their connection with energies of destruction, these three weeks are, on a deeper level, permeated with powerfully positive spiritual influences as well.
Pregnant women have normal fears. When normal fears are attacked by story upon story of horrific events, it breaks down even the most secure and strongest of women.
Simply Special
My special son who transforms me, inspires me and teaches me. On bright sunny days and in midst of a raging storm.

Dear Readers,

There’s an old joke: When you talk to G‑d, it is prayer, but when G‑d talks to you, you need a psychiatrist.

But really, this is not necessarily so.

There are many ways that G‑d talks to us. Sometimes, it is sign, a turn of events or a set of “coincidences.” Sometimes, it is a mentor or an article that lands in our inbox and “speaks” directly to our situation. Sometimes, in...

The more I love myself—my real self, my G-dly self—and the more order, righteousness and good that I see when I look inside, the more I will naturally align my actions to be congruent with that vision.
— The Power of the Mind to Create Blessings
Handy Household Hacks
Bike Tires

To give your bike tires extra traction in slippery terrain, attach plastic zip ties around the tires.

Changing Our Lives

By changing the inner attitudes of our minds, we can change the outer aspects of our lives.

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