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Vayeira Videos

Looking for G-d in Central Park
Vayeira Parshah Report
Why is Gefilte Fish tied to a tree in Central Park? Find out in this exclusive news report for Parshat Vayeira!
A Parenting Lesson from Abraham
The power of a single word
Ignore G-d, but Don’t Ignore His Children!
Parshat Vayeira
Just as every parent would forego their personal honor and willingly wait while you tend to his or her child, this, too, is G d’s greatest pleasure.
Torah in Ten: Vayeira
Topics Include: the three angels visit Abraham, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the rectification of Adam’s soul through the binding of Isaac.
Where You Are Now
Video | 3:27
Where You Are Now
Five on Five—Vayeira
When we feel that our past behavior does not warrant a connection with G‑d, He assures us: I judge you only by where you are now.
Why ISIS Has Nothing on Abraham
A 90-second insight on the Parshah
What is so special about Avraham’s self-sacrifice for G-d, considering that we find many who were willing to give up their life for all types of causes?
Your Home vs. the Synagogue
Something Spiritual on Parshat Vayeira
The More You Give, the More You Gain
Something Spiritual on Parshat Vayeira
A powerful lesson from mothers nursing their newborn babies. Sharing with others doesn’t diminish from oneself, on the contrary, it only adds more.
Visiting the Sick
Video | 45:00
Visiting the Sick
Practical Parshah—Vayeira
G‑d’s visit to Abraham following his circumcision teaches us some important guidelines in how to properly perform the mitzvah of bikkur cholim—visiting the sick.
First Do and the Feeling Will Follow
Life Lessons from Parshat Vayeira
Rabbi Gordon shares inspirational Torah insights on the weekly Torah portion with practical life lessons.
Creating My Own Spiritual Path
A person can be spiritual and even religious without Torah. Why then does Torah insist on a defined set of rules? In addressing this question, an age-old debate between Issac and Ishmael is analyzed, yielding a surprising outcome. (Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 25, p.86.)
Woman of Oneness
Video | 40:00
Woman of Oneness
How to salvage a marriage when all seems lost.
A deeper look at the biblical story of how the prophet Elisha saves an impoverished widow and her sons from the clutches of a merciless creditor.
Of Dust and Ashes
Video | 32:22
Of Dust and Ashes
The Reward for Abraham’s Humility
When Abraham entreats G-d to spare Sodom and Gomorrah, he prefaces his request with the acknowledgment that he is but dust and ashes. In reward for his humility, two unique mitzvahs are granted by G-d to his descendants, the Children of Israel. This class will explore the connection between these particular mitzvahs and Avraham's humility, revealing the inspiring message contained therein. (Likutei Sichos vol. 25) This class is dedicated in memory of Rabbi Shmuel Azimov, of blessed memory.
Did Abraham's Angels Really Eat or Did They Just Pretend?
Pasha Vayeira
Did the angels who visited Abraham actually eat or just pretend to eat? Is one supposed to follow local custom or just make an appearance of doing so? The Midrash and the Talmud give two different answers. (Based on Likkutei Sichos vol. 36 p.172)
Mitzvot Before Sinai
Parshat Vayeira
Abraham baked matzah on Passover over four hundred years before the Exodus. How did the patriarchs and matriarchs know how to observe mitzvot before the Torah was even given at Sinai?
The Mitzvah of Having Guests
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Vayeira
On what basis did Abraham and Sarah merit to have a child in their old age? Many answers are hinted to in the word "where" in the angels' question to Abraham (Genesis 18:9) "Where is your wife Sarah?"
A Sincere Sin or a Hypocritical Mitzvah?
Letters and Numbers of Torah—Vayeira
When Avimelech kidnaps Sarah, G‑d tells him (Genesis 20:6), “I have withheld you from sin.” Why is the Hebrew word for sinning (chet) missing an aleph in this verse?
The Sacrifice of Isaac
Video | 1:09:34
The Sacrifice of Isaac
How to Study Torah - Vayeira
We study the enigmatic story of the Akeida with a special focus on Abraham’s response when G-d stops him at the last moment.
Parsha Gems: Vayeira
Study some of the highlights of the weekly Torah portion with insights from various commentaries.
The Eternal Covenant
The Mitzvah of Brit Milah
Why is circumcision the first mitzvah that G-d gave Abraham? This class explores the meaning and many other facets of this essential mitzvah.
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