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Vayeira Family Parshah

Vayera Parshah Quiz
Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Vayera.
Parshah Roundup
Vayera - G-d Reveals Himself
A quick family-oriented summary of the events in this week's Parshah. Kids, read it online to get a picture of all the exciting going-ons in this week's parshah. Parents, print it out to share with the whole family at the Shabbat table
Parshah Song
Have fun listening and singing along with these original songs as you learn about the Parshah of the week.
Looking for G-d in Central Park
Vayeira Parshah Report
Why is Gefilte Fish tied to a tree in Central Park? Find out in this exclusive news report for Parshat Vayeira!
Shazak Parsha: VaYeira
A taste of Shazak Parsha, where the weekly Torah portion comes alive! Geared for kids... Great for adults!
Vayera Q & A
Question and answers on events in the Parshah, complete with the source verses, so you can see the question inside the text. For Shabbat table discussion
Living with the Parshah
This week: Danny learns from sister Melissa how to look at the Parshah and see that taking care of guests is everybody's job
Vayera Parshah Lesson
This week: Little Shalom DovBer came home from his Parshah lesson crying bitter tears. But what was bothering him so much?
Coloring Pages
A Parshah Coloring Book, with drawings illustrating the events in each parshah, to print out and color
Play Vayera Parshah Bingo
Print this game for fun at the Shabbat table or youth group. Can accommodate up to eight players.
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