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The Angel at the Akeidah

Parsha Nuggets: Vayeira

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The Angel at the Akeidah: Parsha Nuggets: Vayeira

When G‑d wanted to tell Abraham to bring his son Isaac as an offering, G‑d delivered the command Himself. But when He wanted to tell Abraham to let his son live, He sent an angel to deliver the message.
Hirsch, R. Samson Raphael, Binding of Isaac, Abraham, Vayeira

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This gentle chosid's delivery caries incredible import. He has a way about him that is conducive to conveying any message he delivers with a magnetic 'attention grabbing' resonance. This is the second message I hear that floors me. This kid is good!!! Reply

Anonymous November 7, 2012

interesting Sarah heard about the Akeda and immediately died. Abraham at Sodom was counting down. Moses changed H-shem's mind about destroying all the Jews on account of the Golden Calf. I have two points: Sarah died because G=d gave her a challenge beyond her ability. The second thing is that Abraham was somewhat relentless in saving the Sodomites, yet did not say ' boo ' about his own son. The Akeda is one story that does not square with me. Reply

חיה אסתר שיינה גבעתיים, ישראל November 1, 2012

sababa! Toda raba on the insight :) Too bad this wasn't filmed in Israel..Hopefully, films like this will be in the very near future!!!!!!!! שבת שלום Reply

Izzy October 31, 2012

Thanks! Keep up the amazing work! Reply

Dina Jerusalem, Israel October 28, 2012

Beautiful message! Thanks for the great Parshah thought! The message is powerful and I loved the story. Reply

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