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Creating My Own Spiritual Path

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Creating My Own Spiritual Path

A person can be spiritual and even religious without Torah. Why then does Torah insist on a defined set of rules? In addressing this question, an age-old debate between Issac and Ishmael is analyzed, yielding a surprising outcome. (Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 25, p.86.)
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G-d and Man, Mitzvah, Brit Milah, Vayeira

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Sam Ny January 4, 2022

Was it Yom Kippur or Passover? Contradiction of info is quoted here Reply

Samantha Brown Ozarks July 3, 2019

Incredible..... Reply

S Uk October 28, 2018

Respectfully Rabbi, without impertinence,

8 days, age 13 years or more mature in years, is only relevant to the understanding of the reader. Yom Kippur is the day of atonement. A baby is pure an adolescent has been taught regarding HaShem.

Time is irrelevant with HaShem, it is a point of purification and understanding of this purification.

No one is more precious. 8 days is unique in that the parents are taught and knowledgeable in both HaShem and the relevance of the conception and birth of a child, here a male child.

Induction, teaching and choice are equal beyond human comprehension. HaShem holds the truth as to why each individual is introduced to HaShems Will at a time which is only appropriate to the individual. We do not question this. Reply

This class analyzes an aspect of the weekly Torah portion or upcoming holiday. While providing a basic understanding of the subject matter, the lesson delves into its deeper and more complex dimensions with emphasis on the spiritual relevance to our daily lives. Inspiration for both the novice and advanced student.
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