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Circumcision in Jewish Law

An Overview of Brit Milah


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Anonymous Hollywood April 19, 2015

handout shalom

yashar koach on the great class
i have seen other lectures on this site post a link to a copy of the class notes under the video. could you please do that? i would like to see the handout.

thanks! Reply

John Hammerschmidt Pittsburgh, PA January 30, 2012

Beautifull! very well presented Reply

Thinker Brooklyn, Ny January 19, 2012

Understand If parents G-d forbid find out that their baby has a disfunction or disease they will immediately do whatever it takes in order to heal him. Whatever the doctors suggest. They wouldn't even imagine waiting til the baby could make its own decision whether or not to get surgery or treatment. Similarly the foreskin on a Jewish baby is a spiritual disfunction which G-d created in order for us to remove (like all negativity in the world). So too we want to eradicate all the darkness each moment we can with each and every mitzvah. Because we know this mitzvah is for the baby's benefit we don't want to delay it.

Totally besides the point is that the procedure is minimally invasive, almost pain free if done in a kosher way, and has many medical benefits (although this not why do it). Reply

Joe Berkley, Ca January 19, 2012

To Ron Jews don't cut off the genitals. Watch the class and you'll know it's only the foreskin. Reply

Ron Low Chicago, USA January 14, 2012

Irrational rationalizations There's just no arguing that forciibly cutting the genitals of another person is repugnant. Only religion could make good people do such a bad thing. Reply

Elya chapel hill, North Carolina January 12, 2012

Bris This was very very helpful!! Reply

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