Isifier III

Episode XXVI: Isifier III

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Isifier III: Episode XXVI: Isifier III

Only G-d can play the game inside and out
Perpetual Creation, Divine Speech, Creation by, Transcendence & Immanence

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Anonymous calgary, ab July 13, 2010

ah....Chabad....the most wonderful, life affirming place that I know of on earth.
You are food and music to the soul.
Thank you. Reply

bwinwnbwi May 21, 2010

Love the message For many of us, affirming God is easy. Getting to know the meaning of the relationships behind that affirmation is the all-important next step however. Fortunately, Martin Buber was there first, so I’ll let him do most of the talking here. In his book, I And Thou, he alludes to the spiritual significance of this affirmation when he says:

“Of course, God is ‘the wholly other’; but he is also the wholly same: the wholly present. Of course, he is the mysterium tremendum that appears and overwhelms; but he is also the mystery of the obvious that is closer to me than my own I.” (p. 127)

“…in truth, there is no God-seeking because there is nothing where one could not find him. How foolish and hopeless must one be to leave one’s way of life to seek God: even if one gained all the wisdom of solitude and all the power of concentration, one would miss him.” (p. 128) Reply

Anonymous litchfield, ct via chabadnw.org February 27, 2010

amazing!!!! this is so amazing!!!!
really spiritual!
i am really inspired! Reply

cooklestien August 28, 2008

Needs highly intellectual understanding skills to comprehend the deepness of this spiritually enthused lesson
in fact, every word contains an unbelivable lesson Reply

Dodi Piatra-Neamt, Romania August 21, 2008

indeed there is... a profound, yet fun and practical teacher...
I thank you rabbi Infinity, our favourite kabbalist! :) Reply

Ari Edson thornhill, ont April 11, 2008

A very deep lesson caputred in a cartoon This lesson is very dense and very deep. Every sentence is another message and each message requires detailed meditation to properly understand the lesson. All the more so is lengthy meditation required to absorb and live with this treatise.

Of course, it is missing many of the quirks, details and intellectual-map layouts that would be found in its written form of a chassidic discourse. Reply

NILO MIAMI BEACH, FL March 8, 2008

Wonderful! AMAZING MESSAGE ! Reply

Jonathan Levy Johannesburg, South Africa March 8, 2008

ISIFIER III Such a great cartoon!!
"As we think, so it is."
It's a lot more than "The power of positive thinking," it's the visualisation that makes it so powerful.
Thank you Rabbi!! Reply

Anonymous thornhill, ont March 7, 2008

That's nice thinking michael. But there is so much of our world that has not been captured by the corperate frenzy of beurocaries. People are still able to maintain their humaness and still go to labor in their office world of a mahogony desk and leather arm support chair. There is the most meaningful world that can be found. There the most human act a person can perfrom is bring others into judiasm at the palce where there is the most rigid challenge a person can find and and that may just be the purpose of a world in conflict. Reply

Anonymous St George, UT March 7, 2008

Rabbi Infinity's Blog This is wonderful! I couldn't get the sound to work on my computer but the images of nature and the "scientific laoratory" were so great that they took me to another place!!! Amazing! Reply

Michael Vr Melbourne, VIC/AU March 6, 2008

Hmm, exellent thinking my friend. Hmm, exellent thinking Melissa,
It's sure it's worth exploring for ALL communities, and I mean cosmically first when saying "communities".
(just trying to stay objective researcher...).
BTW: that video IS great: we can learn so much from it, and has very good graphics... Reply

menachem cylich melbourne, VIC / AUS March 6, 2008

dreams? isn't that how dreams work you can be the grass and walk on it at the same time Reply

Michael Vr Melbourne, AU March 6, 2008

Engineering Living Consciousness Ah, here we are at science discipline of Engineering Living Consciousness (again).
So we have:
-Philadelphia Experiment (english wizards can't do anything right, including Merlin, of course). (many sailors embedded into the ship hull, and many faded out from their time lock, and lost in the equilibrium forever).
Conclusion: do NOT play G-d, you are just a servant.
-Montauk Project:
Get few "psychies" into the old bunker, and load of (stolen) Tesla patents, and see what happens, and that is: you get bunch of Sasquaches, demolishing everything around, and eating big holes into the walls (LOL). Hmmm, sonds familliar again ?
-Invisibility project:
These days is NO any need to make anyone invisible: with growing corporations, and corporate "view on the things" the individual is: perfectly invisible.
It will need a genious now to: invent the way that - individual will be: visible again.
G-d has advised of this, from the early days, but: Humans just don't listen.
Sounds familliar. Reply

Melissa Greenville, SC March 3, 2008

Inside and Outside...All Around I thought that Isifier 3 was just great! I had such a difficult morning, and that cartoon brought me back to myself. Thank you for that, Rabbi Infinity! You and your writer are such a force for good.

I missed reading the blog explanation, even though the cartoon stands by itself very well.

That idea of G-d being in all of us, in every blade of grass (sounds a little gnostic), and at the same time immanent and transcendent is so powerful. It's a profound reason for treating others with respect, for not doing to others what is hateful to ourselves, and for caring for the world we've been given to live in.

[Now if we could just cure our simultaneously individual and collective attachment disorder vis-a-vis G-d...sorry, a theological idea I've been grappling with today. Everyone I know except the Chasidim (?) seems to suffer from this, including myself. It's a problem that needs repair. Maybe Chasidim is one potentially curative direction?] Reply

Avi March 2, 2008

why can't you be? in your imagination you can be just as those things appear to exist you can appear to be each one Reply