People keep asking how it's possible that a couple of letters could actually create anything. They figure all these flies and golems and cloned zaidies must be fake. But they're not. They're real—well, as real as the real thing is real.

I keep on saying this, and it's got to be said over and over: Reality is not made of matter; it's made of intelligence. Matter is also intelligence, just in very dense form. So what makes intelligence? Must be something higher than intelligence. What's higher than intelligence? Otiot.

Otiot mean letters, but not really. Otiot mean expressions or articulations of the soul. Music has it's own otiot, as does dance and graphic art. Any time you create something, you use otiot. And so does The Infinite Light.

The otiot of The Infinite Light generate intelligence—the entire master intelligence of the entire universe—so they must be higher than any intelligence we know of.

Think of the object code that generates an intelligent character in a computer game. The code determines the behaviors and properties of the character. It says, "This will make sense to this character and this will not." So the character is convinced that what makes sense to him is absolute truth. In his world it is. But to the otiot (and to the Infinite Light Who generates the otiot) it's all a fiction. Just the opposite could have made sense—it's all determined by the code.

The code may also contain details of events that are implied to have occurred within the general story of the computer game. So as far as the character is concerned, that is just as real as anything else. So too, the otiot of creation stand beyond the time continuum. At every moment, past, present and future are regenerated out of the void by the otiot.

Practically speaking: Rabbi Infinity and Rabbi Infinity have a real quandary here. What would happen to Rabbi Infinity #1 if Rabbi Infinity #2 pulls the plug? Would it be the converse of Rabbi Infinity #2 pulling the plug on Rabbi Infinity #1?