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Keeping the Faith

A chassidic discourse on Shavuot

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Keeping the Faith : A chassidic discourse on Shavuot

This text-based class on a Shavuot discourse focuses on our special relationship to G-d that is metaphorically described as a faith-infused “marriage.” It's a Ma'amar (formal Chasidic discourse) that was delivered by the Rebbe in 1988, on a Shabbat afternoon just hours before Shavuot. Based on the final verse in the Haftorah: “I will betroth you to me with Faith,” it provides remarkable insights into what happened at Mount Sinai and why it’s relevant to us today. A powerful, insightful, and timely teaching about the Giving of the Torah that’ll help you better appreciate and prepare for this special holiday.
Maamar, Shavuot

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Anonymous Houston June 6, 2016

Thank you so much I understand more about the coming Shavous after listening! Reply

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