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The Mystery of Shavuot

The Torah’s Great Omission

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The Mystery of Shavuot: The Torah’s Great Omission

Ask any child what we celebrate on Shavuot, and the obvious answer is the giving of the Torah at Sinai; yet the Torah makes no mention of it. How do we make sense of this glaring omission?
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Omer Offering, Giving of the Torah, Shavuot

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Cynthia Graham Los Angeles August 18, 2020

I am not Jewish, I really really enjoyed so much until I actually Learn so much about G-D. I truly appreciate the lessons, articles,video My eyes are open more and my spirit dance and I am being spiritually fed with important G-d food. I follow Chabad. I feel the truth when I watch Chabad. I have a special love for the Jewish People, and I always pray for Israel daily. Thank you all from Chabad for sharing such wonderful and beautiful information for everyone to prayer, to recipes, for children's, relationships for couples, as well as, Chabad for women . I will continue to listen and learn more about G-D. Thank you Chabad for everything. Reply

Geneva Alabama June 14, 2016

Shavuot teaching Excellent! I mm not Jewish, but enjoyed this immensely! I enjoyed the questioning that happened here...that approached the Torah, not as
i am going to tell you what i understand", but, instead, "I am going to tell you what I don't understand." Reply

Anonymous Yerushalayim via May 22, 2015

The Torah was not given on Shavuos The Torah was not given on Shavuos. It was given on the 7th of Sivan, the day after. Shavuos. "hosif Moshe yom echad midaato" Moshe added a day on his own it was given on the 51st , not the 50th day of the Omer. , the 7th of Sivan. All the mifarshim deal with this. The Magen Avraham on Shulchan Aruch 494 even concludes that it is the connection of YT Sheini to a Dioraisa. Reply

Sue Crivitz WI January 19, 2014

I love learning aboutGod through Judaism You make me wish I had been born into a Jewish family. Unfortunately I have always been enamored by Judaism but did not realize until in my 60's that I was able to learn about it. I am so grateful to this website and all of you who teach here. Reply

Chesed Chicago May 19, 2013

Shabuot This holiday is so close to my Hebrew birthday Sivan 8, that connect me so with Matan Torah the Giving of the Torah.
I feel that even though this holiday took place many centuries before my birthday, I still feel the blessings, its reaction spiritually as physically, and I can say that I still can see the lighting, hear the voice of Hashem, through His Torah to me today, and the amazing revelation among my own people in the synagogue as well in Israel.
Rabbi Moshe thank you for your dedication to teach us more about Torah and its blessings.

Haim Nikolayev, Ukraine May 13, 2013

New Year Crops Hi, could you please specify again because if I remember correctly, the new crop the Torah is talking about is the one that received rain after Tu Be Shvat. Reply

IamJoseph Sydney May 29, 2012

Greatest event in the universe. Its amazing that the whole world does not subscribe to this anniversary. No other religion speaks of an open, direct revelation before millions, with hard copy output of the first alphabetical book and the laws that turn the world exclusively.
I know of no laws from any other source which are excepted in the world's governing institutions: name one? Reply

Peter West Palm Beach, USA via May 26, 2012

Shavuot. In G-d's reckoning, blessed be he, I think it is interesting to say, ignoring International datelines, time changes and time zones, Catholic, and Gothic Calendars, that one to be exact in observance, is always to sets their clock to Down Town Jerusalem. The Temple Mount. The First Temple.
To be more exact, and get it out of the way, set our clock of observance to the longitude and latitude of the Temple Mount.
Not the Muslim Mosque, which is another subject, of theory, but on the side that has that singular small Cupola.
It is the smallest on the Mount, and I enjoin the theory that the Throne of David was located there.
We alll should Always adjust our clock to Torah, that way we will always be on the same page.
G-d never lost a day crossing the international dateline. His way of counting is different then our way of counting, and that
we know already how he counts. We ought to continue in it. Reply

Phillip Nelspruit, South Africa May 26, 2012

The Mystery of Shavuot Awesome!!!!! Reply

Eugina G Herrera New York, New York May 25, 2012

To be blessed To be blessed every second of the first day of the week until the seventh day is a blessing to know of it, a blessing of meditation with Shavout a blessing of our blessed week. Reply

LOUIS MOSKOWITZ long beach, ca,usa May 25, 2012

SHAVOUT Rabbi Moshe New always has something '"new" to share with us. bless you Reply

Anonymous TNTO, CNDA May 24, 2012

Inaccurate. As much as we are lacking most of the Mitzvos, yet the number is not 60 it is more still have today over 200.

With hope She-yi-bane Beis Hamikdash.....

Take the opportunity to thank for the classes.

SE Reply

Rod Chavez Bowie, Md May 24, 2012

the website I am not jewish but a christian and love jewish people because i completely accept the old testament, the torah and belive my spiritual roots from judaisim, moses, etc. May the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob bless you all. This wonderful site is a great learning tool to allow me to understand much from the Rabbi Moshe. Reply

Anonymous Melbourne, Australia May 24, 2012

thank you!!! thank you for your constant inspiration!!
May you be Blessed to continue to use your amazing skill to connect us deeper and deeper to the Holy One Blessed is He. Reply

Orietta Weinstein Charlotte, N.C. May 23, 2012

Shavout Thank you for your excellent teaching of
that very important day of Shavout . I enjoy it Reply

nina vinakovsky fair lawn, nj June 7, 2011

mystery of shavuot I feel that Rabbi Moshe is reaching , appealing to Intelligent, ordinary secular Jews, and make great connection to everyday Jewish life. Reply

IamJoseph June 7, 2011

KEEPING IT SIMPLE, RELEVANT AND REAL: The Omer is a countdown to the greatest event in the universe. How's that? Reply

Ilene Stackel Naples, FLorida June 6, 2011

Shavuot When I was a very little girl I thought Shavuot was the festival of "wheats" as opposed to festival of "weeks" ....Funny how young minds work... Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA June 4, 2011

The Mistery of Shavuot In other words: G-d=Torah=Life=Judaism. Blessed be His Name!! The beauty of the Gifts of the Spirit of Life.
To live Torah's life will bring us everlasting life. Reply

john smith fort lauderdale, fl June 1, 2011

if only i can feel the heart when words are spoken and only wish someday to give as much peace to others with my words. i guess only who have been taught since birth could ever achieve such a mastery and syncronization. thank G-d for traditions Reply

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