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Esther’s Royal Power Play

The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 7, Part 2

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Esther’s Royal Power Play: The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 7, Part 2

As zero hour arrives, Esther lifts her eyes to petition Heaven and then, authoritatively and with great emotion, addresses Achashvairosh with piercing words. Tactfully, she dramatically pleads for her own life, only afterwards petitioning the King to spare her nation. Now self-identifying herself as Jewish – she also reveals royal pedigree. Demonstrating that the adversary cares not for the King’s welfare, as slavery would have been far more profitable, Esther brilliantly maneuvers; and without confronting the King, devastatingly turns the tables on Haman.
Purim, Scroll of Esther

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Cici Ramos June 29, 2020

I was looking forward to the rest of the chapters! Any way we can watch the rest, if any? Reply Staff June 29, 2020
in response to Cici Ramos:

Sure, look at the right side of the player, for links to the videos for the other chapters. Reply

Cici June 29, 2020
in response to Staff:

Thanks for the quick response. I did but the videos stopped in the middle of chapter 7. The rest of the chapters aren’t in the queue or in the section. Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill, ON July 2, 2020
in response to Cici:

With Hashem’s help I plan to continue the series next winter in the weeks leading up to Purim. This was, and will be done annually until I finish the entire Megillah Reply

Cici July 9, 2020
in response to Rabbi Mendel Kaplan:

I’ve truly enjoyed the class. We’ll be looking forward to it. Thank you! Reply

Miri October 8, 2020
in response to Rabbi Mendel Kaplan:

Baruch HaShem thank you so much! Reply

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