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When G-d Is Hidden

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When G-d Is Hidden

A deeper look at the heroine of the Purim story, whose very name means “hidden” in Hebrew.
Esther, Scroll of Esther, Purim, Lubavitcher Rebbe
When G-d Is Hidden
Disc 124, Program 496

Event Date: 14 Adar 5732 - February 29, 1972

The story of Purim has several important characters, most prominently Mordechai and Esther. The book of Esther relates that Mordechai provided the strategy for bringing about the miracle, while “Esther followed the instructions of Mordechai.”

Still, the Torah records the story in the book of Esther, not the book of Mordechai.

A deeper look at the heroine, whose very name means “hidden” in Hebrew, provides us with a clue as to why, along with an important life lesson.

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Rev Owen Murphy March 3, 2015

The paradox of hidden G_d Thank you for the teaching of Megillah that G_d can be hidden, which in itself can be concealed. In theology we often hear of the transcendence of G_d, but rarely that G_d hides himself deliberately. The beauty and wisdom of this teaching in particular is the added mystery that the concealment of G_d is itself concealed - a paradox within a paradox, like a Celtic knot.
Blessings and happy ponderings Reply

Mosha Mordicia NYC March 2, 2015

Wow deep stuff Reply

jesse kaellis New Westminster March 2, 2015

Schneerson This was truly an extraordinary and remarkable man. I want to hear more of his lectures. Reply

Anonymous mb March 13, 2014

this helped me understand the whole state of existence and process we are undertaking in reconciling the essential G-d with his revealed and concealed levels....fantastic Reply

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