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Why No Hallel on Purim

The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 29

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Why No Hallel on Purim: The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 29

Having established the joyous Hallel song-of-praise commemorating the Exodus narrative (climaxing in the Song-at-Sea) as biblical basis for ordaining the commemorative Purim holiday, we are left with a gaping hole in the jurisprudence: So why indeed did our Sages NOT ordain the songful chanting of Hallel on Purim?! Intriguingly, there are no less than 3 seeming disparate explanations. Thoroughly explored and elucidated; ultimately the supposed mutually exclusive answers may well be viewed as unique articulations of the very same Talmudic theorem. (Tractate Megillah 14a)
Talmud, Scroll of Esther, Tractate Megilla

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