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Intermediate Talmud: Tractate Ketubot on the Resurrection

In these intermediate level classes you will learn to understand the unique give-and-take style of Talmudic discussion. This series studies the end of Tractate Ketubot (folio 111a), which discusses the Resurrection of the Dead-- the fundamental Jewish belief that those who died, will rise to live again in the Messianic era.

There seems to be a Torah tradition linking the future Resurrection of the Dead exclusively to those buried in Israel. The obvious question is what about people buried elsewhere?! In this Talmud class, we explore this and other mysterious issues related to the Resurrection in tractate Ketubot p.111a.
The reconciliation of whether the Resurrection of the Dead is only for those buried in Israel or for all our people regardless where they were interred, is to be found in a tunneling concept called Gilgul Mechilot, which may be an ancient allusion to modern quantum physics. Learn about the futuristic subterranean Holy Land highway that will enable the prophesized resurrection (Talmud tractate Ketubot 111a).
We learn a surprising teaching indicating that only the pious will merit coming back to life in the End of Days. This appears to be at odds with other accepted traditions about the all-inclusive revival of the dead, regardless of their level of piety. To some degree, it can be reconciled by clarifying a far more inclusive definition of righteousness. Yet, the Dew of Life can only flow from the Torah's light and radiance; so how commoners receive the vivifying life-elixir of the future? We discover an illuminating teaching that shows how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary levels of connectivity with G-d. (Talmud tractate Ketubot 111b).
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