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How Would You Define Good?

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How Would You Define Good?

When we say someone is a good person, what does that mean? How should we define a good time? If we don't clearly define good, do we even know in which direction to head? This is a subject worth tackling! (Part 1 of 3 on “good and evil”)
Good and Evil

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Susana Costa Portugal July 8, 2017


If good is doing (moral, justice); and evil is not doing to stop violence or other bad attitudes,

why do you think the one who created this world is good?

because I see violence, war, pain, diseases, terrorism, natural disasters, abuse of power, and poverty only affecting the poor and fragile in the world.

and when ditators are persecuting people, god doesn´t act against them.
If he is so good he could stop it avoiding collective massacres. Its difficult to believe this god as good (where is moral and justice?). Reply

Aryeh Weinstein Newtown, PA July 10, 2017
in response to Susana Costa:

You are asking one of the most common theological questions which I would hope everyone asks at some point in their life. We usually ask this question from a place of deep compassion and intolerance for evil and injustice. The philosophical answer won't satisfy our emotional question. Yet, we must understand the philosophical answer and if we truly yearn to, we can slowly find some direction with it.
The philosophical answer is in this video. Good is not moral and justice. Good is G-d. This means that on our human level, we may experience things which are immoral and unjust and due to the limits of our intelligence and our limitation of relating to things through intelligence, we struggle deeply with accepting what is coming from the Infinite Source which is far beyond the limiting tools we use to relate to our experiences. Reply

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