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G‑d Loves Refurbished Goods

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G-d Loves Refurbished Goods

Some people would never buy used goods. “Oh no, I only buy new things.” G‑d actually likes refurbished goods. Find out why.
Self Improvement, Teshuvah

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Anonymous TX May 31, 2013

Refurbished Refurbished is not G-d's best at the worst times. But, only he can mend our or my imperfections. Thank you for the encouragement Reply

Anonymous cleveland May 31, 2013

thank you just beautiful Reply

Michal Germany May 30, 2013

I had just refurbished 2 silver rings and a bracelet, Somebody told me: "Put silver foil in a glass, then add much salt to it and put the old black silver in. Put boiling water on it and leave it there for some time.
Then I had taken it out and everything was shining and looked even more beautiful than at the time we bought it. (Mamash mavrik!)
And as you spoke, I looked at these things and thought: Yes, that's what G-d will do with us. Reply

Deb Amsterdam May 30, 2013

thank you beautiful Reply

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